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January 17, 2008 Guest: victim/survivor - Kevin McParland Topic - The target age of 18-22 - legally consensual, how convenient within the Erie PA Catholic Diocese

Feb, 28th, 2008 - Guest - Janet Clark - adult clergy abuse survivor, advocate and author of Blind Faith

March 27th, 2008 Guest - Kay Goodnow - topic - activist and survivor of clergy sexual abuse in the Kansas City ArchDiocese

April 10th, 2008 Guest - Robert Costello - topic Pope Benedicts visit to United States, along with showcasing the book "Crosses"

June 2008 Guest: survivor, Tracy Quinnine - Topic: Adult Clergy Sexual Abuse, On Going Effects and the On Going Cover-Ups

July 2008 - Guest: Clinical Psychologist, Gary Schoerner - Topic: Adult Clergy Sexual Abuse and Criminalization - President Bush Made It A Crime In TX., So Can You In Your State!

August 2008 - Part One - Guest: Charles L. Bailey, victim, survivor & author of In the Shadow of the Cross

August 2008 - Part Two - Guest: Charles L. Bailey - author In the Shadow of the Cross - Heartbreaking story of childhood sexual assault at the hands of a Roman Catholic Priest, Thomas Neary